Gamefound campaign for Bestiary of Sigillum: Collector’s Edition begins

Dear friends!

We are happy to say that the Gamefound campaign for Bestiary of Sigillum: Collector’s Edition begins and we’d like to tell you about its rewards and stretch goals.

There are 4 pledge levels in the campaign.

Viceroy of Sigillum is just the core game, along with some unlocked stretch goals. These core game stretch goals include component upgrades, new characters, and some other very pleasant surprises.

The main reward is Lord of Sigillum, which consists of the core game + Distant Lands modular DLC. This expansion includes:
2 double-sided game boards (that is, 6 different boards to choose from);
3 additional characters;
5 Faction Castles that add extra depth to the game. Check their rules on the campaign page.
1 Vinctum solo campaign with 16 puzzles – you can learn more here.

Lord of Sigillum pledge will also include all unlocked stretch goals, some of which will be exclusive to Gamefound backers. Stretch goals will be unlocked gradually over the course of the campaign – the new will be revealed as the previous are unlocked. Among the first are a new character for the core game and a new board that greatly benefits the characters that care about water hexes. This field is exclusive and only available on Gamefound.

The Lord of Sigillum x2 reward is an opportunity to cooperate with a friend, get two full Lord of Sigillum sets with a discount, and save on shipping.

And of course, there are special terms for the retailers – to get them, choose the Retailer Pledge and deposit $15 for 1 or more cases. Orders must be in case quantities: 6 Lord of Sigillum sets per case. This deposit will be credited towards the final order.

You can learn more on Gamefound project page. If you still have any questions, feel free to ask us in any way you like: GF comments, Facebook, Instagram or e-mail.

Thanks in advance for your support!

CrowD Games team

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