Number of Players: 3–5

Playing Time: 20–40 min

Recommended Age: 8+ years old 

Mechanisms: communication limits,
storytelling, targeted clues

Audience Range: family game

Editions: English

Estimated release date: 2022

MRSP: $15

Box Size: 105x140x35 mm 

Windmill: Cute Secrets is a standalone expansion for Windmill: Cozy stories and is fully compatible with Windmill: Cozy Stories. You can freely combine cards from both games to make your sessions easier or more difficult, or just more fun to play!

In Windmill: Cute Secrets, players are storytellers, weaving short tales based on the hidden picture cards they draw. While one player tells a story, the other players will attempt to guess the visible card that matches the story.

The more opponents that guess incorrectly, the more points the storyteller receive when a player does correctly identify the card. On the other hand, if all players fail to guess the picture, the storyteller will lose points instead of winning them!

The player who has earned the most points after all rounds have been completed wins the game.


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