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Number of players: 2–4

Playing time: 20–30 min

Recommended age: 8+ years old 

Audience range: family game 

Abstract family game about a faraway land where it’s always winter. Every evening kind and hardworking people inhabiting this land come together in the castle of their beloved Queen where they drink tea and play games. One of these games is especially loved by the people - a competitive family game with colourful gems. The game’s title honours its inventor - Winter Queen herself. 


To win this game a player needs to score the most victory points placing gems on the board in a particular manner.

Game overview

In Winter Queen you will be placing gems on the board to earn victory points. The number of victory points you get depends on three aspects:

  1. Gems’ location on the board.
  2. Special effects of the slots at the top of the Winter Queen tasks tokens.
  3. Colours of the gems that you place at the bottom of these tokens.


We are still working on this game, so there might be changes in the rules and contents.