Deep State: New World Order — Late Pledging


The Kickstarter campaign for Deep State: New World Order is finished. However, you can still join NOW!

Late pledging will be possible through March and most likely until the middle of April — up until the time when Deep State leaves the printer and will be transported to the shipping hubs.

The 'Ruler of the World' reward is available, with everything added during the Kickstarter campaign.
Shipping is the same as it was during the campaign — you may check the Shipping Map at the bottom of the campaign page to find out the cost for your country.

There is no pledge manager — late pledging is available directly through PayPal.

Simply contact us by e-mail: contact@crowdgames.us

In your message, put in the subject line 'Deep State Late Pledging', then tell us your country, and add any other details that might be important. Don't worry about writing your shipping address — we'll ask for it later. We'll reply soon after you send it.

Thank you!
Yours, CrowD Games Team

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