Number of players: 2–4

Playing time: 30–60 minutes

Recommended age: 11+ years old

Mechanisms: Hand management, Take that

Audience range: vast family & geek audience

Editions: English, Russian

Estimated release date: Q1 2023

MRSP: $45

Box size: 260 x 260 x 70 mm.



Evolution: New World tells the story of how animals of all shapes and sizes develop and evolve. The game lets players take control of the evolutionary process across an entire ecosystem and create populations of species competing for scarce resources. 

In Evolution: New World, you create animals and give them traits essential to surviving in an ever-changing environment.

Over the course of six Epochs, your successful animals evolve and procure food, while poorly adapted species become extinct or fall prey to predators. At the end of the game, victory points are awarded for your surviving animals and the traits they possess. The player with the most points wins the game.

• Easy-to-learn and accessible rules.

• Fun gameplay that suits family audiences, but also appealing as a geek-filler.

• Variable competitiveness (from family friendly to cutthroat).

• Scientific accuracy (game by Dmitry Knorre, Ph.D. in Biology).

• Entertaining real-life nature references.

• Oversized cards with incredible illustrations.

Butterfly Effect is an add-on expansion to the game Evolution: New World. The new animal traits allow you to fine-tune the game ecosystem, create new survival strategies, and maybe even win the Alien World scenario.

With Butterfly Effect, you can increase the number of players up to 6, or play solo against merciless Dominator or Devastator.

Learn more about the Butterfly Effect Expansion.


On your turn, place 1 Evolution card from your hand on the table in front of you, either face-down or face-up. This is how you create a new animal or add a trait to an existing one.

In the Areas phase, a new Area appears, food and shelter tokens are placed on the face-up Area cards. This shows how much food and shelter are available to animals during the current Epoch. 

Feeding is the most critical phase of the game - during this phase, you will try to feed your animals. Animals feed from the Areas, and Predators may attack other animals. Animals that are not fed will die during the Extinction phase. 

In the Extinction phase, animals either survive to the next Epoch or become extinct. Players remove tokens, draw cards and pass the First Player token.


The game you see in these videos is a prototype copy, created for gameplay demonstration for the Kickstarter campaign. The real game have different and better-looking components.

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