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Another World

Build your own species in a whole new fantasy world

ONUS! Traianus

A miniature wargame without miniatures about war conflicts in the 1st and 2nd centuries CE.

City of the Great Machine

One-vs-Many and Cooperative strategy game set in the Victorian steampunk universe

The Spirit Lands

Explores the fabulous lands of the spirit world with your brotherhood

Bestiary of Sigillum:
Collector's Edition

Fantasy battleground of courage and wits with completely open information


Enter the battle of wits and become the most skilled wizard

New World

Create animals and give them
traits to evolve / go extinct
in an everchanging environment

City of the Great Machine:

Escalate the battle versus the Great Machine with this expansion

Butterfly Effect

Increase the number of players up to 6 & face merciless Dominator or Devastator in Solo Mode

Deep State:
Global Conspiracy

Expand the opposing sides of Deep State with the new expansion!

Beyond Code

Achieve your personal character goals in war-and-spy themed deduction game

Winter Queen

Winter magic never looked so stunning as in this abstract strategy game

Deep State:
New World Order

Bring the world under your knee in this conspiracy-inspired strategy


Carefully crafted abstract strategy game inspired by Indian motives

Space Explorers

Research and develop your own space projects. But be quick: space race won't wait for you

Space Explorers: Age of Ambition

discover new frontiers of the Golden Era of Astronautics!

Client Testimonials

Winter Queen:

It's so beautiful! It's one of those gorgeous covers. It's stunning, I love, love, love, love, love this art, the box, I love it all.
Steph Hodge
Bestiary of Sigillum:

There's a lot, there's a lot to find here, there's a lot of depth in this razor-sharp design. This is the kind of game that you absolutely can play again, and again, and again.
Rahdo Runs Through
Deep State:

It's a spy game, but instead of you trying to stop things from happening, you're actually trying to make things happen. <...> I love the idea that everything that is going on is being puppet-stringed from somewhere else.
Game Brigade
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