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World War II is in full swing. Germany widely uses Enigma rotor cypher machines. Breaking the Enigma code would give the Allies an advantage in the war. But this is just one side of the coin.

The Enigma code is based on Chaos — a non-measurable force lurking beyond the boundaries of our world and eager to consume all things alive. The code decryption would stop the Chaos invasion into our world.

A secret Agency that has been opposing supernatural forces for centuries operates in a mysterious, heavily-guarded, Victorian mansion somewhere in London suburbs. To break the Enigma code, the Agency has brought together the world’s best decryptors. You are one of them.

Your mission is to break the Enigma code as soon as possible while wandering inside a mansion with a constantly changing layout. However, in practice, your character may actually have a different objective.

Watch this Unboxing & Stop Motion videos to clearly explore all the game components:

Each player has a secret Mission that depends on their Character; upon accomplishing this Mission within a limited amount of time, the player wins the game. You privately look at Mansion cards and tell others what is located where. You may lie or tell the truth, though this can have consequences. However, if you are not caught in a lie, you apply the effect of the card you have named rather than the one you saw. But if no one accomplishes their Mission within the time allowed, Chaos will break into our world and all the players will lose!

“Enigma. Beyond Code” is a lightning-fast game of deduction. With each play,  the gameplay becomes deeper as you get a better understanding of the motives and moves of other players.

For a full gameplay description, check out the Rulebook

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