City of the Great Machine on Kickstarter
The Kickstarter campaign is scheduled for September 29.
CrowD Media Studio
CrowD Media - high quality video production.
Winter Queen Delivery Started!
The long journey is almost over!
Winter Queen on gamefound
Late pledge is available until February, 4.
Winter Queen Kickstarter finished yesterday
See quick summary inside.
Winter Queen is funded
Thanks a lot for your support!
Winter Queen on Kickstarter!
Kickstarter campaign of our new game "Winter Queen" started today!
Maxim Istomin on Steph Hodge's Twitch Channel!
Watch online tomorrow (12/08/2020) at 6 PM EST.
Winter Queen on Tabletopia
Our game Winter Queen becomes available on Tabletopia.
The Kickstarter campaign for Winter Queen starts on December 9!
Don't miss the start of KS-Campaign - Click "Notify me on launch" on campaign page!
Membership in GAMA
We are continuing to support GAMA in 2021!
Enigma. Beyond Code - videos
A series of videos about our game Enigma. Beyond Code from Off The Shelf Board Game Reviews.
PSI to Distribute CrowD Games' Tabletop Games
Publisher Services, Inc. announced that they start to distribute our tabletop game line to all channels, including the hobby market....
Ready for September Release!
Production of all games that we are planning to release has been finished in China.
Our production will be finished at the end of June
Production of Deep State, Enigma, Ganesha, Windmill, and ArtBox will be finished at the end of June.
Crowd Games is coming to ORIGINS GAME FAIR on June 17-21, 2020
We continue attending expos and fairs to have a chance to see you again!
Crowd Games is coming to GAMA Expo on March 9 - 12, 2020
The Nurnberg exhibition was a great start of 2020! We are ready to busy spring and we won’t stop!
Deep State launched on Kickstarter!
Today we launched Kickstarter campaign for our global conspiracy strategy card game - Deep State: New World Order!
Win a copy of Deep State!
Win a copy of Deep State board game before the Kickstarter launch!
Octahedrons on the Roll
Let’s talk about dice. Dice are cool. They look like candies, very pleasant to touch and make this great clanking...
Moscow calling: current projects and plans.
Moscow calling: current projects and plans.
Crowd Games is coming to Nuremberg in 2020
Our first board game expo with our own booth — come and meet us!
Space Explorers... now in Germany!
Our space-themed game keeps exploring international markets and now it is time to meet the German audience.
Deep State: now in Russia, soon everywhere!
The game about a global conspiracy theory goes worldwide.
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