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The End of Times is at hand. Soon the worlds of humans and spirits will be reborn, and the Universe will be created anew. For thousands of years, both worlds were ruled by higher beings people used  to call Gods. Now it is time for the Gods to depart into oblivion.

On the verge of the Universe facing its rebirth, the Gods have decided to entrust the reigns of the human and spirit worlds to the wisest among the sage brotherhoods. Many renowned Sage brotherhoods responded to the call of the Gods. Each brotherhood was allowed to choose seven Sages. At the appointed hour, the Gods unveiled the mysterious paths leading to the world of spirits, where no human had ever set foot before.

The greatest contest has begun, one neither world had ever seen before! 

Fabled: The Spirit Lands is a fantasy strategy game. In Fabled, your brotherhood explores the fabulous lands of the spirit world. Your sages follow winding paths and visit fabled places along the way. Mighty allies assist them in their journey. Your ultimate goal is to gather books of wisdom, as they contain the magic essence of the Universe. The most prized of all are the books of Sun. The brotherhood to collect the most will receive the reins of the Universe from the Gods.

Fabled: The Spirit Lands is a fresh and completely unique euro-strategy that smoothly combines route and area building, area movementThe game features unique game design, stunning artwork of folklore, and multiple scenarios for immense replayability.

During the game, you add location cards to a continuous row — the Spirit Land. Each location — Prairies, Mountains, and Forests — contains one or two paths. Your sages step onto the paths and move forward during the players’ turns. Their goal is to visit the Fabled Places along the paths. The Fabled Places grant them Books of Wisdom and offer useful opportunities.

The Books of Wisdom have 4 tiers — Prairies, Mountains, Forests, and Sun. They may be converted into higher or lower tiers and are used for adding new locations, powering up Ally abilities, and more. The highest among them, the Books of Sun, also serve as Victory Points and determine the winner.

The Allies assisting you, as well as how wisely you place your sages and what locations they pass, create fun engine building mechanics. Starting with the middle of the game, breathtaking combos start to click, sometimes allowing a player to visit several Fabled Places in one move, travel through locations, or perform multiple Book conversions.

The sages proceed from one location to another, given that location paths are connected. The abandoned locations leave play and new ones are added, and the whole game area changes rapidly as the coming of the end of the game — the End of the World — closes in.

Fabled: The Spirit Lands may be played competitively or in the Challenge mode — against the Spirits sent by Gods. The Spirits may be faced solo, cooperatively with other players, or each player for themselves.

The game offers 5 main Scenarios and an Introductory, which are mostly aimed at competitive play. While the Challenge offers a strong game-operated player with 3 levels of difficulty.

Fabled: The Spirit Lands is set in an intricate world on the crossroads of classic fantasy and European folklore. It traces its roots back to pagan cultures. The game is full of familiar images and references that intertwine and create a unique dream-like visual. 

  • Venture into the other world! The players expand the Spirit Land by discovering Prairie, Mountain, and Forest locations. Each game, your Spirit Land will be completely different.
  • Your resources are your victory points. Books of Wisdom serve both as resources and victory points, requiring you to balance your actions and plan ahead.
  • The Challenge Mode. Face the Spirits – a powerful game-controlled brotherhood – on your own or together with your friends.
  • Never the same. The game scenarios vary in complexity and provide high replayability.
  • Stunning folklore art. Each Ally card features a unique artwork. None of the 36 location cards is like the other. No card in the game is duplicated.
  • Unique cards. There are no AI-generated images in the game, and each and every card is unique, with no duplicates.

Fabled: The Spirit Lands is played over 8–10 (depending on the number of players) rounds — called Chapters, preceded by Prologue and followed by Epilogue. In the Prologue, the players add their first locations to the Spirit Land.

At the beginning of each Chapter, there may be new long-lasting Events revealed or the players may get new Allies. Then each player takes one turn, consisting of an Action, Movement, and Oblivion phases.

During the Action phase, a player may take 2 Books of Prairies (lowest tier), make up to 2 conversions to exchange Books of Wisdom, move one of their sages one step, or add a new location to the Spirit Land — even between existing locations. Adding a location costs a book of wisdom of the corresponding type, plus one book of Prairies per location of the same type already in play. 

In the Movement phase, the active player declares a location type — Prairies, Mountains, or Forests. Each of their sages in the locations of the declared type move forward by 2 steps, while the other players’ sages move 1. Upon reaching the Fabled Places, the sages visit them. There is little to zero downtime in the game, because all sages, not just those belonging to the active player, visit the Fabled Places they reach, and all players’ Allies are active as well.

Lastly, in the Oblivion Phase, the locations with no sages leave play, reshaping the Spirit Land, and the turn passes to the next player.

In the Epilogue, there might be special Scenario events, and then the winner is determined by who has the most Books of Sun.

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