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Evolution: Another World

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Welcome to an alternate world of wondrous creatures where evolution went a different way! Here, mystical places of power — the Sources — produce pure energy. Fascinating creatures consume and accumulate it to perform a marvelous transmutation. A fierce struggle ensues between those who seek to become a super-being.

Evolution: Another World is a brand-new family game from the beloved Evolution: The Origin of Species series. It takes place in a magical world inhabited by incredible creatures. In the game, you create your own creatures, infuse them with energy, and evolve them with traits that’ll help them to thrive in a perilous and unpredictable environment. Once your creatures obtain enough energy, they’ll transmute and ascend to a completely new level of existence. Transmute three creatures before your opponents do!

The game is available on TableTop Simulator for free!

In Evolution: Another World, you don’t play as a single character or creature. Instead, you take on the role of the forces of nature – the conditions in this wondrous world are different from what we have on Earth, but the logic and the evolutionary principles are the same. 

The game features familiar, easy-to-learn mechanics. Players take turns playing two-sided Evolution cards to create new creatures and add traits to existing ones. Then they activate their creatures and perform various actions. 

You give your creatures traits that, when combined, allow them to outrun their opponents, accumulate energy, and advance to new levels of existence. For creatures, the most important is getting energy, which can be found on Source cards. It’s pretty scarce though, so sooner or later creatures will have to fight for it. Alternatively, you can play peacefully by using traits that allow your creatures to get more energy… Or just use whatever tricks you have to win!

Think hard which traits to use and in what order — it can be the difference between success and failure. The key is to get as many energy tokens as possible, because a creature can transmute if it has 4 energy tokens at the beginning of its turn. Transmute 3 of your creatures and you win the game!

  • Same idea – different approach. 

Evolution: Another World keeps the idea and spirit of the Evolution series, but uses its mechanics in a completely new setting. Creatures there cannot die, and the nature is pretty different from what we have on Earth.

  • Stunning design. 

The game features bright, vivid fantasy illustrations and beautiful energy tokens.

  • Accessible family game. 

The rules are intuitive, games are fast and dynamic, which makes Evolution: Another World a perfect family game. 

  • Solo mode. 

Explore the Another World solo and help your creatures survive in this wondrous environment – the Solo Mode rules and components are included in the core game. 

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