ONUS! Traianus is available on Amazon!

ONUS! Traianus is now available in CrowD Games’ Amazon brand store!

ONUS! Traianus is a miniature wargame without actual miniatures about war conflicts in the 1st and 2nd centuries CE. Play as one of 8 historically accurate armies represented by detailed cards, suppress the enemy’s troops with battle formations and watch them flee when their morale breaks!

Gather troops for your favorite army, choose illustrious generals to lead soldiers into combat and delve into exciting battles of ancient times. Each troop card functions as a segmented unit stand, and a stat sheet at the same time, which allows for quicker tactical data access resulting in swifter decisions. Match troops however you see fit based on the point system, or recreate historical battles using the Campaign Book! Finally, the order/event cards system will make each of your battles feel fresh and unique!

“Terrain & Fortresses” expansion adds terrain and fortress elements printed on clear plastic to your battlefields, as well as siege rules, incendiary missiles, and much more! And optional Meadow, Snow and Desert neoprene playmats and custom dice with roman numbers are going to add a whole new level of immersion!