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ONUS! Traianus

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The Roman Empire is strong. It extends for hundreds and hundreds of milia passuum. But it isn’t the only power in the vicinity. Dacian Kingdom, Celts and plenty of others yearn to gain control of the territories. And though Roman citizens may deem those forces barbaric, the generals know: you can never underestimate your enemy. It is their duty, their Onus to protect their lands.

And generals of those forces think the same.

ONUS! Traianus is a miniature wargame without actual miniatures about war conflicts in the 1st and 2nd centuries CE. Play as one of 8 historically accurate armies, suppress the enemy’s troops with battle formations and watch them flee when their morale breaks!

Gather troops for your favorite army, choose illustrious generals to lead soldiers into combat and delve into exciting battles of ancient times. Each troop card functions as a segmented unit stand, and a stat sheet at the same time, which allows for quicker tactical data access resulting in swifter decisions. Finally, the order/event cards system will make each of your battles feel fresh and unique. 

Reconstruct great battles of the past and get imbued with the spirit of the ancient era with ONUS! Traianus!

  • Miniatures wargame without miniatures. The game provides the experience of a true miniature wargame using cards that represent formations sizing from dozens to hundreds of soldiers.
  • Historically realistic. Each unit depicts ancient detachments with their notable aspects and traits, and every maneuver represents a real strategy of that time.  
  • Card-driven game. Gameplay is based on action cards that can be played as orders to activate units or as special events to affect outcomes of battles.
  • Lesser space, lesser price. While miniature wargames may take up whole rooms and cost thousands of dollars, ONUS! Traianus is only 32x23x7 cm in size and costs 70 dollars for a whole 272 units!
  • Numerous different troops in 8 armies. Some armies have war machines, and others have battle animals. Some excel in expensive armored warriors, and others provide cheaper unarmored troops. The combinations are nigh endless!
  • 96-page campaign book. While it’s possible to clash any armies with any troop setups, Campaign Book offers pre-made army lists that recreate actual historical battles. 
  • 4 game modes. The game offers different setup rules for duel, solo, 4 or 6 and even 3 or 5 player games. No friend shall be left behind!
  • Handy storage tray. Keep your armies and components well-organized. 
Unit Card anatomy
General Card anatomy
Action Card anatomy

Roman Empire: the unbeatable Roman legions and emperor guard units, under the command of generals such as Trajan and Hadrian, fighting on all fronts of the greatest Empire of Antiquity, especially against the Germanic peoples, the Dacians and the Parthians. Expanding frontiers! 

Auxiliaries of the Roman army: an essential support for the legions of the Empire, with brave Gauls, skilled equites maurorum, Cantabrian hill people, accurate Syrian archers, stealthy Britons, or famed slingers. 

Dacian kingdom: a powerful rival to Roman power north of the Danube and a terrible headache for Roman emperors, capable of fielding powerful armies, from warriors armed with the dreaded Dacian falx, to contingents of deserting legionaries, to fanatics of the god Zalmoxis. 

Parthian Empire: the greatest superpower of the ancient world after Rome, mistress of the East, situated between Rome and China, with impressive hosts composed of iron-covered cataphracts, both on horseback and camel, Indian elephants, and deadly archers at all distances and on different mounts. 

Sarmatians and Bastarnae: the undisputed masters of the steppes, whose hordes arouse terror even among the legions of Rome, with feared noble cataphracts, versatile horsemen armed with the contus sarmaticus, unreachable mounted archers, and arrogant Bastarnae nobles.

Mercenaries: considerably expanded from previous editions, with powerful additions that will serve as reinforcements to any side willing to pay for their services: furious Berserkir, Nabataeans, Jewish rebels, Palmyreneans, Batavian warriors, Gaesatai, and many more…

Celts: tribes scattered throughout the island of Britannia, with dangerous units such as chariots, superb armed nobles, Pictish warriors and agile Briton riders.

Germanic peoples: relentless fighters, jealous of their independence, and a constant threat to the Empire: brutal sworn nobles, hunters, mounted Caninefate pikemen, skirmishers with framea

Terrain & Fortresses is an expansion that adds terrain and fortress elements to your battlefields, as well as siege rules, incendiary missiles, and much more! Few battles happen on a flat solid ground, so forests, mountains and rivers, as well as walls and barricades will make your games feel even more real!

The components are printed on clear plastic and can be used on any flat surface or game mat.

MSPR: $35

While totally optional, Meadow, Snow and Desert neoprene playmats and custom dice with roman numbers are going to add a whole new level of immersion!

Neoprene playmats for ONUS! Traianus make playing the game and handling unit cards more convenient, protect cards from playing surface imperfections, and create more immersive experiences. Playmats are made of 1.8mm thick water-resistant and non-creasing material. Each mat is 55×90 cm, and multiple mats can be combined for bigger-scale battles. 

MSPR: $30 (for 1 playmat). These playmats have the same art as “Meadow Model B”, “Snow Model B” and “Desert Model B” from Draco Ideas website.

Custom dice with Roman numerals provide deeper immersion into the ancient time period and add to the atmosphere of the game.

MSPR: $16

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