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Space Explorers

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In the Age of Ambition expansion for Space Explorers, you discover new frontiers of the Golden Era of Astronautics.

Defend the interests of your Space Power. Enlist the support of influential politicians, powerful military leaders, and renowned scientists. Overcome crises and reach your strategic goals. Launch cutting-edge spacecraft and achieve breakthroughs in research. Manage it all using your own unique talents to carry out the most daring plans.

The glorious history of space exploration unfolds over the 7 separate Modules. You add them to the game in any combination, using up to 3 Modules at a time. Each Module perfectly fits the others and creates new gaming experiences.

The Solo Mode is also included and supports both the core game and the Age of Ambition Modules. Each Module has a special variant with an increased challenge!

  • Space Explorers: Age of Ambition expansion features seven independent Modules that add new layers of depths to the glorious history of space exploration found in the game. All Modules perfectly combine with each other. With the core game, you can use up to 3 Modules at a time, chosen randomly or at the players’ discretion. The Game Rules and Space Explorer’s Manual contain captivating historical references. Age of Ambition brilliantly follows the style of the Space Race era, with over 30 new artworks depicting key events of the space exploration.

    • Space Powers Module. Take on the role of one of the leading space powers — the United States, the USSR, France, or Japan. Each nation has their own unique approach to space exploration.
    • Prominent Leaders Module. Enlist the support of influential politicians, powerful generals, and notable researchers. Your leaders provide resources in the areas most needed by your Hub.
    • Impending Crises Module. Space exploration has never gone smoothly. You’ll have to overcome crises, and perhaps even skillfully use them to leap ahead of your competitors!
    • Strategic Goals Module. Each Division of your Hub sets a strategic goal. Achieving that goal allows the Division’s employees to make a breakthrough in their field.
    • Executive Talents Module. The organizational talent of a project manager play a key role. As the head of the Hub, you have a unique talent that helps you carry out your plans.
    • Remarkable Projects Module. Forging new paths into space requires a versatile approach. This is reflected in the scoring conditions specific to each Remarkable Project.
    • Higher Directives Module. As an experienced project manager, you issue clear directives to bring about long awaited breakthroughs.

Watch the Meeple Mountain video to explore thoroughly all the game components, setup, game flow, some cards’ features, final phase and scoring.

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