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Ganesha is an Indian god of wisdom and prosperity. He has a kind and noble heart and large ears so that he can hear peoples’ pleas. His patronage can remove obstacles from your path and bring good luck. Once upon a time you were travelling in India and decided to visit the temple of Ganesha. In the middle of the hall decorated with flowers stood an altar with different gems: rubies, emeralds, diamonds and many others. An acolyte of Ganesha, dressed in bright clothes approached you and explained, that this was an ancient game. If you would like to participate, you and other contestants would have to decorate a magical mandala with precious stones. Whoever did the best job, would attain special favor from Ganesha himself.

Ganesha is a fast abstract game for a broad family audience.

Easy to learn but difficult to master.

Each turn you chose whether to place cubes on the mandala to score points or to save them in order to score even more points in the future.

Beautiful and unique components: cube octahedrons, wooden pieces.

Double-sided mandalas for 2, 3, and 4 players add variety to gameplay and change strategy.

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