Number of Players: 2–4

Playing Time: 20–40 minutes

Recommended Age: 12+ years old

Mechanisms: card drafting, set collection, engine building

Audience Range: broad with emphasis on family/geek audience

Editions: Russian (2017), English (2018), French (2018), Polish (2018), German (2020), Japanese (2021).


Box Size: 205x205x45 mm

The conquest of space was one of the main human achievements of the 20th century. In 1957, the first satellite named “Sputnik 1” had been placed into orbit. Four years later, Yuri Gagarin performed the first human space flight on “Vostok 1” ship. The game is dedicated to the first space explorers: all the outstanding people who have made spacefaring possible.

As Yuri Gagarin said at the moment of his launch: “Poehali!” ("Let's go!").



Each player becomes the head of their own Research and Development Hub in a Space Research Center. Your goal is to gather the best and brightest minds humanity has to offer and complete large-scale space projects.

You are going to recruit the best specialists, launching spaceships and satellites with their help.

The game ends when all the available projects are completed or when one of the players has recruited 12 specialists to their hub. The player with the most points wins.



Space Explorers is a geek-filler: it’s easy to grasp, but it’s hard to win especially when playing with experienced gamers.  It might seem a little similar to Splendor but its mechanics are different:

  • Closed-loop resource system. When recruiting a Specialist to your team, you pass the Research tokens to the player on your left. 
  • Specialists are assigned to the Divisions according to their skills. The more Specialists you have in a Division, the easier it is to recruit new ones to that Division.
  • All Specialists have unique abilities. Only the ability of the top card in each stack is active. Therefore, by adding a new Specialist, you often get a new ability at the cost of the older one. 

The game is designed for a vast audience: from newcomers to experienced players.



Watch this video to explore thoroughly all the game components, setup, game flow, some cards’ features, final phase and scoring.



Each player receives one Resource token of each type, a Hub board, a Reference card, and a Specialist card from the deck.

Hub boards represent the scientific research institution the player manages. It has several departments that players will staff with a variety of Specialists. You’ll have construction workers, engineers, scientists, testers and astronauts working for you.

The more qualified a Specialist is, the harder they are to recruit. But you’ll need a set of particular Specialists in order to build and launch your spacecraft.

Each illustration in the game depicts an existing satellite, spaceship or space station. There are eight Soviet and two US spacecraft in the game.

 On your turn you may perform one of the following actions:

  •  Take a Specialist card from the Center or draw deck into hand
  •  Recruit a Specialist from the Center or your hand into your Hub

For a full gameplay description, check out the Rulebook



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