City of The Great Machine: base game



One-vs-Many for 2–4 players and Cooperative & Solo Mode with fully automated Great Machine vs. 1–3 Hero players.


The Heroes want to keep their plans concealed, but they must communicate in the presence of the Great Machine.


The Heroes move covertly through the City by secretly choosing which District they visit.

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Complete the Master Plan or Bring about a Revolution!

The Great Machine, an artificial intelligence network, controls the steam-powered City built on mobile platforms in the sky.

You may take on the role of the Great Machine. You will command a force of perfected Servants and mechanical Guards. Your ultimate goal is to suppress social unrest and complete your grandiose Master Plan to perfect the mankind.


You may be a Hero working against the Great Machine to stop the enslaving Master Plan! Together with the other Heroes, you encourage discontent in the City, inflame riots, and attempt to bring about a revolution.

Both sides firmly believe that their course is the right one. The only question is… which side will you take?

Venture into the City!

City of the Great Machine is a One-vs-Many and Cooperative strategy game set in the Victorian steampunk universe. The game features a conflict between an alliance of Heroes and the Great Machine, a single-player artificial intelligence network.

The Great Machine controls the City built on mobile sky platforms. As the Great Machine, one player (or game AI in the Solo & Coop mode) commands a force of engineered servants and mechanical guards. The Great Machine’s ultimate goal is to complete its grandiose Master Plan and perfect mankind.

All other players are Heroes working together against the Great Machine to start a revolution. Their goal is to prevent the Great Machine from completing its Master Plan,thus saving humanity from eternal enslavement.

Towards the end of the 19th century, humanity’s greatest minds united in an effort to found a perfect city. They utilized the most advanced technologies afforded to them by steam and mechanics.

The result of their efforts exceeded all of their expectations! The City stands on massive flying platforms. It drifted over the world — a monument to victorious science!

The heart of the City is the Great Machine. It is an artificial intellect, created for the benefit of mankind. The Great Machine is the overseer of the City. It regulates every aspect of people’s lives, and assists Man in realizing his potential as he strives for Progress.

Over time the Great Machine formed a Plan to achieve its purpose…

Yet there have always been those who look deeper, into the heart of matters. A number of extraordinary men and women who are realizing what is happening.

They are rising up against the Great Machine. These are the Heroes, who are taking the last chance to turn the tide.

Before it is too late.

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