Evolution. New World


  • SCIENTIFIC ACCURACY: game full of entertaining real-life nature referen- ces, created by Dmitry Knorre, Ph.D. in Biology.
  • SUITS WIDE AUDIENCE: easy-to-learn game that suits family audiences, but also appealing as a cutthroat geek filler.
  • STUNNING ILLUSTRATIONS: oversized cards with beautiful colorful illustra- tions in the spirit of historical zoology artwork.

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Evolution: New World tells the story of how animals of all shapes and sizes develop and evol- ve. The game lets players take control of the evolutionary process across an entire ecosystem and create populations of species competing for scarce resources. In Evolution: New World, you create animals and give them traits essential to surviving in an ever-changing environment. Over the course of six Epochs your successful animals evolve and procure food, while poorly adapted species become extinct or fall prey to predators.

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