Bestiary of Sigillum: Collector’s Edition – New Game to be Released in 2023

Bestiary of Sigillum: Collector’s Edition is a duel strategy game with Solo and 2×2 modes, in which you choose and summon your force of otherworldly heroes to destroy your opponent’s castle. Each character has a distinct combat role with a unique set of abilities which, when combined well, will compliment and reinforce other heroes. The game has neither random events, nor hidden information, which makes it a great battle of wits with impressive replayability, strategic depth and room for all kinds of tactical decisions.

Bestiary of Sigillum: Collector’s Edition is an example of what is called a ‘battle of wits’ game – an intellectual confrontation, in which players try to think ahead and outsmart their opponent. The confrontation that, with dozens of characters available for drafting and a nearly endless number of their combinations, never will be the same. What emphasize the ‘battle of wits’ is that the game has neither random events (or outcomes of events for that matter) nor hidden information – only the players’ choices affect the outcome of a battle.

Bestiary of Sigillum: Collector’s Edition will be released in 2023. Stay tuned!