City of the Great Machine is funded!

City of the Great Machine was funded in the first few hours of the Kickstarter campaign!

THANK YOU for joining the struggle of the Great Machine, an artificial intelligence network, against an alliance of Heroes!

Moreover, the first stretch goal was also unlocked, and a new Stand-In Hero — Yanko Kalderash — joined the Master of the City pledge! The next stretch goal is a new Hero — Akira Wagner. Just a little bit of your support is needed to unlock him! Actually, there’s still MUCH MORE to achieve during the campaign!

You can see the nearest stretch goals on the Kickstarter campaign page. Each time a stretch goal is achieved — a new one is revealed. Most of the stretch goals are added to the Master of the City pledge, yet some will be added to the Regular Edition pledge as well. As for the Core Game Improvement stretch goals — they are always intended for both pledges.

And the last but not the least: the solo mode for City of the Great Machine is in development now. Give us some more days to ensure that everything works fine! The solo mode will require additional components, so we will need your support to unlock it together with other amazing stretch goals we are going to introduce soon.