City of the Great Machine on Kickstarter now!

Follow this link to support us on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/crowdgames/city-of-the-great-machine-rl

The campaign have 2 main rewards: Regular Edition (core game + some exclusive additional content) for $60 and the key Master of the City reward for $90 with 4 more Modules and expansions.

This 3D video briefly demonstrates the components of both pledges. And there’s much more expected to be unlocked with the stretch goals!

City of the Great Machine is a 2-4 player One vs Many strategy game. It is set in a grim, technocratic steampunk universe. One player takes on the role of the Great Machine – an artificial intelligence that oversees a City built on mobile platforms high in the sky. The Great Machine strives to suppress social unrest and to complete its grandiose Master Plan — perfecting mankind. The other players are Heroes working together against the Great Machine to stop the despotic Master Plan. They encourage discontent in the City, inflame riots, and attempt to bring about a revolution.

Which side will you take?

See more about the game on its official website: https://cityofthegreatmachine.com/

You can play the game on Tabletopia: https://tabletopia.com/games/city-of-the-great-machine. That’s a great opportunity to try the game before supporting it on Kickstarter.