Fabled: Eve of Times is coming to Kickstarter!

In 2023, we released Fabled: The Spirit Lands. Embraced in its beautiful fantasy-style art, there lies an unusual path-building strategy game with unique mechanics. The core of the game engine is built around sages who travel across prairies, mountains, and forests in order to collect books of wisdom.

Over the past year, Fabled has received a warm welcome among players who value novel developments in boardgaming. It was also highly regarded by those who loved to test their skills in a challenging solo mode. Fabled ranked among the top 10 of 2023 by Meeple University!

Today we proudly announce the thrilling Eve of Times expansion. It is coming to Kickstarter August-September 2024, along with a great deal for the base game.

Get notified when the Kickstarter campaign starts: click the image below!

The campaign features:
* Base + expansion bundle, if you’re new to the game.
* The Eve of Times expansion only, if you have the base game.
* Neoprene playmats to help organize your game space.
* Kickstarter exclusives: an extra game Module + 2 additional Scenarios!

Stay tuned!