New City of the Great Machine Kickstarter campaign starts on October 19!

You may subscribe for the Kickstarter notification by following the link below and clicking the ‘Notify me on launch’ button – https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/crowdgames/city-of-the-great-machine-rl.

We are grateful to everyone who has shared their thoughts about the campaign with us. We’ve heard you! The renewed City of the Great Machine will have the following key changes:

1. Kickstarter Exclusive Price. The core game will be $60 only, and the ‘Master of the City’ full pledge is lowered to $90.

Yes, we know that no one expected us to lower the price to this level! Honestly speaking, we still don’t believe ourselves that we decided to do this ? These prices are a steal. We’ve checked everything and re-calculated every bit of the game. We are certainly able to deliver you City of the Great Machine at this price!

2. More content added from the start of the campaign.

Surely, most of additional content comes with the ‘Master of the City’ reward. However, we are going to add some to the Core Game pledge as well.

3. The stretch goals will be aimed at additional content and enhancing the game.

Now, some may say: okay, then they lowered the quality of the components to lower the price! Let me reassure you right away – this is simply not our way of life.

We haven’t taken a step back in terms of the quality of the game. But there are some expensive component improvements that we cannot implement until funding reaches certain levels. We rely on your help on achieving these stretch goals!

Now, regarding the additional content. There are at least 6 Modules we are going to add during the campaign (some from the beginning, and some with the stretch goals being unlocked!). Some Modules were revealed in the fist campaign.

One of the not-yet-revealed key Modules will be partly added from the start now – this is the outstanding ‘Servants of the Great Machine’! It adds abilities to the core game Servants and provides counterbalancing abilities for the Heroes.

And please don’t torture us for more details… yet! ? When the clock strikes twelve and the Master Plan begins to be implemented, we will begin to dive into the details. October 19th, yes.

4. Ask questions on BGG. We are there and we ready to provide answers ?.

As usual – the official website of the game cityofthegreatmachine.com open 24/7 for new volunteers ready to join the Great Machine or the valiant Heroes. The website contains all the basics you want to know about the core game (and aaaaweeeeesoooome art!) ?.

The true struggle begins on October 19! Be ready to join!