Number of players: 2–4

Playing time: 20–30 min

Recommended age: 10+ years old 

Mechanisms: cube drafting and placement,
hidden victory points, pattern building, set collection

Audience range: abstract strategy game

Editions: English, Russian
Estimated release date: 2020 

MRSP: $39

Box size: 260 x 260 x 70 mm.


In one faraway land, there is always winter. Once a year the Winter Queen announces a special competition for her court wizards. She enchants the snow in her Queendom, turning it into shining crystals ablaze with the colors of the northern lights.

Wizards use the enchanted crystals to weave magical spells that will protect the Queendom from woe and misfortune and earn the recognition of its citizens. The best wizard will be proclaimed the new Queen’s Key Advisor for the next year.

You are one of the wizards participating in the magical contest. Grab your magic book, study up, and get ready to impress the Winter Queen with your greatest spells!

Winter Queen is an abstract strategy game by Yuri Zhuravlev (Space Explorers, Viceroy). As a wizard in the Winter Queen’s annual competition, you cast spells and vie to claim the title of the Queen’s Key Advisor.

Winter Queen is fast to play. Its rules can be explained in 5 minutes. It shines as a family game because it is easily accessible for all players and has stunning components. At the same time, Winter Queen provides enough depth to create an ultimate challenge for experienced players. The game has a high degree of player interaction and allows for a lot of strategical decisions!




Double-sided Queendom Map board, 45 Enchanted Crystals (9 of each color), 1 Crystals bag, 20 Spell Book tiles, 36 Victory Points tokens, 4 Crystal Holder tiles, 8 Queen’s Domain tiles, 1 Winter Queen token, Plastic tray, Rulebook, and 4 double-sided Reference cards.


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