Deep State launched on Kickstarter!

Today we launched Kickstarter campaign for our global conspiracy strategy card game – Deep State: New World Order! Deep State was created for more than 5 years with our main goal to make it unique and exciting.

Have you ever imagined a small group of people ruling the whole world from behind the scene?

In the 20th century, it became possible to create a single world government. You oversee a subdivision in a secret and powerful organization — the ‘Committee’. Its goal is to become that government. Seize the reins of power, increase your influence, and become the secret ruler of the world!

Deep State game has a lot of winning strategies based on meeple management. You choose wisely there to send you agents and how to get them back for your next operations.

In terms of gameplay, you need to capture Objective cards for Influence points and maximize your points with the Treaties you make, participate in global Projects and carry out covert operations. You compete with your opponents and shift strategies in accordance with the constantly changing situation.

Two main rewards are available. Basic reward costs 35$. Extended reward «Ruler of the world» comes with 3 additional Modules and is $49. Some of its additional Modules are available in English only during the Kickstarter campaign. You can add the Modules in almost any combination, but we’ll provide recommendations for the most interesting combinations.

Crowd Games offers for this project ‘Friendly Shipping’ to US, CA, EU, UK and Asia.

For more information, visit our Kickstarter page:

Are you ready to become the ruler of the world?

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