En Route – Upcoming Kickstarter Project

People love traveling. We want to meet new cultures, see famed landmarks with our own eyes and taste the world cuisine. One of the most pleasant ways to explore a new city is… just going for a walk. But how to chart a tour route that satisfies everyone?

We have the answer!

En Route is a flip-and-write game, where you take on the role of a first-class tour guide and create routes for London, New York City, Hong Kong, and so on. Unlike another flip-&-write titles, this game is full of player interaction since cards are not flipped randomly but selected by the active player and their two neighbors. That’s why you have a fair degree of control and can plan ahead.

Play сards to get coordinates and tourists, mark selected tourists on your city map and create a route that will take tourists to the places they’d like to visit. Every city features basic and specific mechanics, so all of them play and feel differently. Moreover, you can fine-tune the game difficulty.

In the retail box, you will find the First city, filled to the brim with geeky Easter eggs. Master the basics of the game and have fun finding all the references!

Also, there are six real cities (London, NYC, Hong Kong, Paris, Cairo & Rio de Janeiro) that vary in complexity and feature additional mechanics and scoring rules.

In Special KS Edition you will find more cities, additional gameplay options… and quite a few surprises.

We are planning to launch the campaign in the end of January 2024 and notify page will be available early in December 2023.

Above, you can see a prototype version of the game. It’s on their way to bloggers and before the start of our KS campaign you’ll definitely see some previews & playthroughs.