En Route. Kickstarter Campaign is Live!

En Route, our Innovative Flip&Write Game is Live on Kickstarter!

What is so Cool and Different About It?

En Route offers something new to the genre:
=> Minimal randomness – players jointly control the game flow.
=> Very close interaction between players.
=> Adaptability to the number of players: solo, duel, or 3-4 player games are carefully designed to give you a great and tremendously fun experience!

What is this Game About?
Your task is to chart a walking tour route through one of the world’s great cities: New York, London, Paris, Rio, and others. There are 8 real-to-life city maps in the game (+2 secret surprise cities in stretch goals). Each city has special rules of play. For instance, Las Vegas has actual dice, and you can make bets!

Check out the Kickstarter campaign: there are tons of awesome content to be unlocked!