Evolution: New World – Late pledging will close on May 11

For those who missed the campaign for Evolution: New World, late pledging on Gamefound is the last chance to get the full Kickstarter version of the game for the same price! If you haven’t backed the game on Kickstarter, but you definitely want Evolution: New World in your collection, please don’t hesitate to visit Gamefound.

Late pledging is available for two more weeks and will close on May 11.

The pledge manager is still open. We will announce when we’ll close it beforehand, but we advise you not to postpone visiting it, or you risk missing the deadline. We are waiting for your address data and also the shipping payments (and VAT when applicable)!

When the pledge manager closes, all remaining $1 pledges will be considered donations to CrowD Games and Rightgames RBG. Also, the shipping cost may increase significantly (perhaps double or more for some countries) if you miss the pledge manager deadline.