Meeple Enamel Pins

Pin size: 0.5×0.5 Inches (15×15 mm)

Material: 2 Millimeter Zinc Alloy

Pin colors: Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Purple, White, Black

Recommended age: 6+

Audience range: vast family & geek audience

MRSP: $15

Package size: 3.5×3.5×0.3 inches (89×89×8 mm).

Show everyone which color you’re playing today!

Meeple Enamel Pins match the most popular board games player colors: blue, green, red, yellow, purple, black, and white.  Wear the color you are playing and give other colors to your friends.  This 7-Meeple Set is also a great replacement for a post card for anyone who loves board games.

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