Win a copy of Deep State!

Win a copy of Deep State board game before the Kickstarter launch!

Deep State is close to coming to Kickstarter. In anticipation of this, we make a special contest for our followers. We will give away 3 copies of the game in our Instagram group.
To join the contest, do the following:

  • Follow @crowd.games on Instagram
  • ‘Like’ the post with the contest
  • Tag your friends in the comments to the post (see below!)

In Deep State, you make treaties with both well-known and secret organizations. It’s a game of global conspiracies after all!
Let’s do the same on Instagram! Your challenge is to create your own Secret Society with your friends. It’s optional.
Now, listen closely to your task: tag your friends in comments – these are those who join your Secret Society.
Each tagged friend grants you ONE influence point. Yourself you earn TWO influence points by joining our Instagram group and liking the post.
So, for example, if you tag 4 friends, you’ll get 6 influence points in total. Simple!
Three winners would be chosen randomly. Each participant will have as many ‘entries’ as his/her influence points.
ADDITIONAL CHALLENGE! You may write the name of your Secret Society in comments. Best Secret Society name author will win ONE EXTRA Deep State copy!
The contest ends at February X. The lucky winners will be declared the next day!
Are you ready to rule the world?

Join us now!