Winter Queen Delivery Started!

Some of our backers have already received their games. The USA and EU delivery is going full steam ahead, AU and APAC hubs are about to start delivering orders any day this week, and Canadian and UK orders are on their way to local shipping hubs.

So, the campaign is almost over: in the next few weeks most of the backers will get their games, and we’ll be ready to exhale… and continue working on the new games and campaigns that you’ll see this year! But that’s a different story, and we’ll get back to it later.

For our backers: thank you for your support! If you have already got your game, enjoy it. And if not – check your email (spam folder as well) for a tracking number. It should be sent when the package is prepped for shipment, and everyone should get it before Monday, June 14. If you don’t have your tracking number by that time, please contact us via Kickstarter messages or contact@crowdgames.us.

For those, who missed the campaign: don’t worry! The game will be in the US retail in July, and most likely the mini-expansions sets will be available too. So, keep an eye on online stores and ask your local hobby stores if they’re going to have the Winter Queen in stock.

And when you get the game, make sure to rate it at BoardGameGeek and leave a comment if you fell like doing so. The more ratings and comments a game has, the higher are the chances for other players to discover the game and, in the case of Winter Queen, to dive into the charming winter fairy tale!