Winter Queen on Kickstarter!


“Winter Queen” KS-campaign started today!

Support us on https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/crowdgames/winter-queen. Eye-catching crystals, three mini-expansions, simple rules and deep gameplay are waiting you inside.

Winter Queen — an abstract strategy game. It shines as a family game because it is easily accessible for all players and has stunning components. At the same time, Winter Queen provides enough depth to create an ultimate challenge for experienced players. The game has a high degree of player interaction and allows for a lot of strategical decision.

Key features of Winter Queen:
• Easy to learn and to teach.
• Suits family audience, but provides a good level of challenge for experienced players as well.
• Highly strategic game with a lot of player interaction.
• Unique components – transparent plastic crystals 12 mm height with 14 sides (octahedrons). We used the same crystals in another our title – Ganesha.

You can play the game on Tabletopia: https://tabletopia.com/games/winter-queen. That’s a good opportunity to try it before support on Kickstarter.