Evolution: Another World Kickstarter Campaign Is Live!

Dear friends!

We are more than happy to launch our new Kickstarter project – Evolution: Another World.

Visit project page<<<

Our team did our best with this game, because we like the idea of fast-paced easy-to-learn Evolution-like game, where your animals can’t die or be eaten, where you don’t need to count VPs, and where the world around is colorful and unusual.

We hope that you will like this game too!

There are 2 main pledges in the campaign: retail version ($30) and Special Edition ($45) with 5-6 player expansion (but you can use cards from it as an alternative-art-cards even if you play in a smaller group), additional modules to fine tune your gaming sessions, and all unlocked stretch goals.

And we also made Special Edition x2 pledge: two copies of Evolution: Another World Special Edition with a $5 discount and save on shipping!

All additional content in Special Edition is limited or exclusive. Limited components may be reprinted sometime in the future, but now they are for this campaign only. Exclusive stretch goals (cards) will only be available for the KS backers.

The campaign will run until June 7.

Thanks in advance for your support!