This fall, we’re going to travel between worlds!

In Portals, our upcoming game scheduled for release in Q4 2023, players are tasked with following the path of the famous wizard Dominick Dey, collecting magic keys and using them to open portals to other worlds. Only a mage whose mastery rivals Dey’s will find him first and win the game!

It’s an easy-to-learn (and surely hard-to-master) abstract strategy game, in which players draft fabulous Elemental stones to complete various shapes on Key cards. By activating completed Key cards, players fill Elemental boards with stones and gain Victory Points for matching colors and adjacency.

Portals features stunning plastic Elemental stones – smooth, pleasant to touch and pure joy to pick from the cloth bag (you can see examples below). Vibrant colors and a player-friendly design make playing this game a truly satisfying experience. The game also has a solo mode, so you can enjoy it even without other mages around.

Most of the game components, such as Elemental boards and stones supplies, are shared between players, which turns the game into a pretty crunchy puzzle. Naturally, constant player interaction is guaranteed – rest assured, someone’s plans will be messed up with!