Upcoming Games: Fabled: the Spirit Lands + Speedy Feedy

This summer (we’re aiming for GenCon), we will release Fabled: The Spirit Lands, in addition to Bestiary of Sigillum: Collector’s Edition that you already know about.


Fabled: The Spirit Lands (BGG) is a 1-5 players fantasy strategy game with engine building and area movement. Each player will lead a brotherhood of sages which explores the fabulous lands of the spirit world. During the game, you create the Spirit Land by adding location cards to a continuous row, visit Fabled Places, and gather books of wisdom that serve both as your resources and victory points. The brotherhood that collects the most books of the Sun will win and receive the reins of the Universe from the Gods.


This game offers a fresh look at the engine building. Usually, you use cards or tokens to collect VP, gradually adding stronger pieces to your arsenal. In Fabled, the main part of your engine is Sages that move between locations. You need to combine your Allies’ abilities and the available Paths of the Spirit Land so that the visits to the Fabled Places yield you the most books of the Sun at the end of the game.


Player interaction is not aggressive, and only occurs when players add new cards to the Spirit Land. A strategically placed card can mess with the plans of your opponents and shift the game in your favor.The game scenarios vary in complexity and provide high replayability. You may play Fabled either competitively or solo/cooperatively in the challenging scenarios. The game features unique game design and stunning folklore artwork.


Also, some time in the summer we plan to release a fun 2-5 player counting game, Speedy Feedy. Reveal the food cards, count which food appears the most, and slap the card of the animal that likes this food. You can make the game more challenging, adding extra rules —watch out for flies, crows, lollipops, and pieces of cheese on the cards.


This small game will expand our line of educational games for the youngest, which includes Windmill: Cozy Stories and Windmill: Cute Secrets. These are definitely not the last announcements of the coming year, so stay tuned!