Fabled: Eve of Times is coming to Kickstarter!

In 2023, we released Fabled: The Spirit Lands. Embraced in its beautiful fantasy-style art, there lies an unusual path-building strategy game with unique mechanics. The core of the game engine is built around sages who travel across prairies, mountains, and forests in order to collect books of wisdom. Over the past year, Fabled has received […]

En Route. Kickstarter Campaign is Live!

En Route, our Innovative Flip&Write Game is Live on Kickstarter! What is so Cool and Different About It? En Route offers something new to the genre:=> Minimal randomness – players jointly control the game flow.=> Very close interaction between players.=> Adaptability to the number of players: solo, duel, or 3-4 player games are carefully designed to […]

En Route – Upcoming Kickstarter Project

People love traveling. We want to meet new cultures, see famed landmarks with our own eyes and taste the world cuisine. One of the most pleasant ways to explore a new city is… just going for a walk. But how to chart a tour route that satisfies everyone? We have the answer! En Route is […]

Evolution: Another World is Successfully Funded!

Dear Friends! You did it! You made Evolution: Another World real! Moreover, you unlocked all 19 stretch goals, so the game will become real in all its beauty. We have no words to describe how grateful we are, so will go with the obvious ones – thank you! During the campaign, with the help of […]

Evolution: Another World Kickstarter Campaign Is Live!

Dear friends! We are more than happy to launch our new Kickstarter project – Evolution: Another World. Our team did our best with this game, because we like the idea of fast-paced easy-to-learn Evolution-like game, where your animals can’t die or be eaten, where you don’t need to count VPs, and where the world around […]

Evolution: New World Kickstarter finished yesterday

First of all, thank you for your ongoing support! Second, we are grateful for all your comments, suggestions, and fair criticism – everything was invaluable! With your help, we unlocked all 22 stretch goals and even added something extra to the campaign. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Evolution: New World – LIVE on Kickstarter!

The campaign have 2 main rewards: Evolutionist (core game) for $35 and the key Master of the Evolution reward for $50 (core game + Butterfly Effect expansion – new Evolution cards, separate scenario & solo mode + KS exclusive mini expansion with 24 new cards + all unlocked stretch goals).

Evolution: New World on Kickstarter!

In the game, players do the work of nature, putting animals into play and evolving them trait by trait to help them survive and thrive. In the ever-changing environment, species either evolve or extinct.