PSI to Distribute CrowD Games’ Tabletop Games

Publisher Services, Inc. announced that they start to distribute our tabletop game line to all channels, including the hobby market. As it does with other lines, PSi distribute games to hobby distributors rather than directly to hobby retailers.

This is our tabletop game line:

  • Ganesha – easy to learn card drafting, pattern building & set collection family game. You would have to decorate a magical mandala with precious stones in the temple of Ganesha.
  • Windmill: Cozy Stories – nice and lovely storytelling family game. While one player tells a story, the other players will attempt to guess the visible card that matches the story.
  • Artbox – Line drawing party game with dice. Choose a word on a card, roll dice and use symbols from them to create your masterpiece! And guess what is drawn in the other pictures.
  • Enigma: Beyond Code – deduction game with secret roles. World War II is in full swing. Try to break the Enigma code or achieve another goal if your character has a different objective.
  • Deep State: New World Order – set Collection engine building game. Each player becomes a head of a department in the powerful organization. Try to get the most influence points by performing various game actions using your secret agents.
  • Deep State: Global Conspiracy (Expansion) –  extends your experience of Deep State and consists of 4 Modules you may add into the game in any combination you like.
  • City of the Great Machine – one vs. all asymmetric game set in the fantasy world similar to steam & mechanic time in the end of 19’th century. The game features the conflict between the Great Machine and an alliance of Heroes.
  • Winter Queen – abstract family game with gem drafting and pattern building. You take on the roles of Winter Queen’s sorcerers, creating magical ornaments out of enchanted crystals.

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